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Looking for more fonts to feed your habit? Check out some of the great sites below. Just remember to come back and visit us for all your handwriting font needs. If you have a font related website and would like to trade links then drop us an email and we will consider your request.

Font Utilities

TTConverter 1.5
Macintosh Shareware program designed to convert windows Truetype fonts to mac compatible Truetype. Also works in reverse. Results can vary with some fonts not making the "trip" without problems.

Xara 3D V6
Looking for a low cost way to speedily create awesome 3d logos from your fonts? This windows program is priced under US$40 and would have to be the easiest 3d program ever made. The download is under 2mb and there is a demo version available. Two thumbs up from FontGod.

MainType is a powerful font manager for Windows that offers a straightforward and easy-to-use interface to help you maintain your fonts. In order to find the right fonts for your needs, the software includes filter and sort functionality as well as a font information pane that reveals important typographic data.

Font Websites
A fast-growing resource for creative professionals looking for premium quality OpenType and multilingual fonts..
An innovative resource featuring affordable fonts for home and office consumers.
Fantastic font resource with thousands of free fonts and a very easy to use font preview mode, type your own text into the preview window and every font on the page quickly changes to your own preview text.
Well established website with over 6000 fonts available for download.
100% surfer friendly Free Fonts search engine with font preview and download URL.
Great site with a HUGE list of free fonts including categories such as horror, sci-fi, dingbats, christmas and halloween as well as hundreds of uncategorized fonts. New fonts are added regularly.
A huge collection of freeware and shareware fonts for Mac and PC to feed your need. Fontfreak accepts new font submissions from font authors to add to the collection. Site also features a public forum area to discuss your font related issues with the community.
One of my personal font idols, Ray Larabie has churned out a multitude of free fonts over the years, most of which are available on his site. This is a must see.
So many free original fonts here its enough to make you wet your pants. Some very interesting designs from this guy, as I understand it the site contents consists mostly of his own work, very impressive.
Renowned font designer featuring a variety of fonts. Some of the fonts are freeware such as Holstein, Good Dog Bones, Typewriter Oldstyle, Spillmilk, ScareCrow and more. All quality designs.
Iconian Fonts offers a nice collection of several hundred fonts available free for non-commercial use.

Craft and Design Resources

The Artisan Press - Sydney Australia
Wayne Davis operates a fantastic business offering Letterpress printing services to customers in need of something a little different from the norm. The Letterpress method of printing is centuries old and can add an old worlde charm to your wedding invitations, business cards and other printed products.
Providers of embellishments Stencils that can be used to creatively enhance almost any surface, including walls, fabric and accessories. Even a beginner can achieve beautiful results! Exclusive custom made SayWhat? lettering is easy to use and enables you to create truly professional looking script in a fraction of the time! Consider combining FontGod's customised handwriting fonts with Madstencilist's SayWhat? service and your creation will be truely unique.
Vinyl Lettering and Graphics will improve
the look of ANY room in your home! Use it on walls, boards, mirrors, tile, cars, and glass. The decorating possiblities are endless!
Specializing in vinyl lettering for business and home decor
Huge resource website for anything related to graphic design, fonts, templates, layout tips, photoshop resources plus so much more. This is one to bookmark.

Handwriting Analysis Resources
Interesting handwriting related resources.

Disability Resources
Writing instruments and other ergonomic products useful for those with injuries or disabilities. Check out the "ring pen" for sufferers of arthritis and tendon injuries.

Teaching and Educational Resources

FrameBug - Educational resources for digital frames
Framebug features a variety of image packs for use on digital photo frames including educational flash cards, inspirational quotes, religious texts and more.
Fantastic assortment of educational resources and links with a weekly newsletter.
Collection of wordgames for teaching children.
Free Primary School Lesson Plans & Education Resources. HUGE!!

Friends, Family & other projects

House for sale in Coffs Harbour
I use this page to promote our friends that may be selling their houses.

Motorhome and RV sales
Looking to buy or sell a Motorhome or RV? Look no further than online classifieds.

Pinball News and Classifieds
Another of my hobby sites... is a great resource for pinball news. You can also advertise your pinball related items on the classifieds for free.

Pinball Directory
A collection of pinball related sites. Add your own pinball related site to our directory at

Camper Trailer Hire Perth, Western Australia
My sister runs a camping trailer hire service in Perth, Western Australia. Camper trailers are easier and cheaper to tow than full size caravans and will enable you to reach places you had only dreamed of. Rooftop and Offroad models are available as well as inflatable boats with outboard motor.

Hobart Tasmania house for sale is a directory of websites relating to the city of Hobart in Southern Tasmania, Australia. Currently being used to advertise my brother's house for sale in Hobart Tasmania.

Web page design Coffs Harbour & Port Macquarie NSW
Infotek3000 offers a highly competitive full-page business editorial/advertisement on a webpage for 12 months. You provide the photos and links to your Email and Website. Your advertisement will be included in our Large & Searchable Business Directory.

Business Card design and printing, Australia
Michael and Janie's official business site for their card design and printing service.

Wotami - Object identification
An idea I'm working on that I hope to launch this year.

Digital Picture Frame Resources
Framebug features a variety of image packs for use on digital photo frames including educational flash cards, inspirational quotes, religious texts and more.



Choose from our range of font services to suit your requirements. After ordering you will receive a Prepaid Voucher valid for 30 days from order date.

Within 36 hours of placing your order we will email your handwriting template and full instructions for you to print and complete. After completion, either scan the template yourself and email it back to us or have a copy shop or friend scan it for you. For Icon Font orders you simply need to email us several photos of you or your loved one's faces.

Your completed handwriting font will be emailed usually within 7 -10 business days after we receive your handwriting or photo scans. Allow a few extra days during peak times.



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