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Icon Font - US$29.95
*Order 2 or more faces and save US$4.95 per additional face.

Fontgod can convert your family portraits to a font containing black and white stylised icons of your entire family, why not include the family pet. A simple keypress within your wordprocessor will insert your icon into your document with a classic rubber stamp appearance. Imagine signing your letters with not only your signature but also a stylised version of your face. Or consider decorating your scrapbooks and greeting cards with this unique product. You can even use the completed font to create a real rubber stamp.

Original Image*

Icon Font

*Original image courtesy and Copyright of Kim Lemaire.

Select number of faces required:

Terms & Conditions: Additional Sales Tax may apply in some states and countries however you will be informed of any charges during the order process before making payment. Customers who prepay will receive a Template voucher entitling them to their selected service. The voucher is valid for 30 days from date of purchase. Customers must ensure that they return their completed templates within this time. No refunds will be available after 30 days. Voucher is valid for a single service only. Vouchers that are not in our records or have already been used will not be accepted unless previously arranged with Fontgod. Whilst every care is taken, and Graham Jupp will not be held liable for damages or loss caused by use of fonts we have created. By clicking on the order link above you are in agreement with these terms and conditions.

Kids Font Kid's Font - US$99.95
Preserve your child’s handwriting with their own unique font. Nothing is as precious as a childhood memory so why not order a unique font for each of your children. Perfect for "handwritten" invitations to a child's party. Keep a history of your child's advance with a new font each year.
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Design a Font DesignaFont - US$469.95
Release your artistic spirit. Design a creative lettering style on paper and let Fontgod convert your penstrokes to a font. Use any medium you prefer, ink, paint, pencil etc. Amaze your friends with your unique custom font and add a personal touch to scrapbooking and card making.
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Handwriting Font HandFont - From US$29.95
We can convert your print or cursive handwriting or signature to a Truetype font for Windows or Mac. Add a personal touch to your typed documents. Perfect for letter writing, journaling, scrapbooks, invitations and and still our most popular service.
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Disability Font Fonts for the disabled - From US$175
Have you or a loved one lost the ability to handwrite due to injury or illness? Fontgod can help you regain a lost skill by using your existing handwriting samples to create a font based on your personal style. Ideal for sufferers of spinal injury, MS, arthritis etc.
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Choose from our range of font services to suit your requirements. After ordering you will receive a Prepaid Voucher valid for 30 days from order date.

Within 36 hours of placing your order we will email your handwriting template and full instructions for you to print and complete. After completion, either scan the template yourself and email it back to us or have a copy shop or friend scan it for you. For Icon Font orders you simply need to email us several photos of you or your loved one's faces.

Your completed handwriting font will be emailed usually within 7-10 business days after we receive your handwriting or photo scans. Allow a few extra days during peak times.



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