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FontGod Reviews & Testimonials

We think we do a darn good job at creating handwriting fonts. But don't just take our word for it, read below for comments from some of our happy customers.

We greatly appreciate any comments from our potential and past customers whether they be positive or negative as it helps us to better our quality of service. If you have something to say, email us at

Comments on this page are used with permission from their author and are generally taken directly from "thankyou" emails.

Client Email 7th February 2013:
"Hi Graham, Wow, this is amazing. Thanks so much! It was very nice of you to create a second, left-leaning font (I don't think I even realized that I tend to write that way). They both look great! I can't wait to start lettering some comics with them. I will definitely let my cartoonist friends know how happy I am with your service! Thanks again!!"

Emi Gennis -- Portland, OR, USA

Note from FontGod: Check out Emi's awesome cartoons at

Client Email 12th January 2013:
"Thanks Graham, You did an awesome job. I am so pleased and impressed with your professional and quick turnaround. I just love it!"

Susie Webber -- Jackson, WI, USA

Client Email 17th July 2012:
"Graham did a phenomenal job in creating the font of one of our company's founders. The family and co-workers were extremely pleased with the font. Graham was very pleasant to work with and made the whole process a breeze. I would highly recommend Graham for any font-creation project in the near future."

Z. Garcia -- New York, NY, USA

Note from FontGod: This font was a restoration project for a well renowned fine goods retailer and based on a supplied sample from an old travel diary belonging to one of the original founders of the company. It's always interesting to work on a font with some historical significance for the customer.

Client Email 1st December 2011:
"Thanks for this. I installed the font and it is looking very snazzy indeed... By the way, I'm happy with your service. So let me know if you want any sort of customer testimonial from me."

Stuart McMillen -- Brisbane Australia

Note from FontGod: Stuart is an Australian cartoonist whose works focus on the topics of science, society and ecological sustainability. Be sure to check out his cartoon on "St Matthews Island" and "Amusing ourselves to death"

14th April 2011:
"Hi Graham, That looks great!! Thank you very much! This should save me a great deal of time. I'll pass the word around and make sure I get a link up on my site as well. Thanks again!"

Scott Shinall -- Hirakata, Osaka, Japan

Note from FontGod: Scott works as a professor at a Japanese school where "handwritten" reporting is a requirement. His font enables him to still give his reporting a personalised handwritten appearance but in a fraction of the time. Check out Scott's educational Blog at

22nd December 2010:
"Graham, I don't know what to say! I am speechless! I was crying as I converted the eulogy I wrote for her funeral into her own handwriting. It was *amazing*. Absolutely spot on! Thank you SO very much! I can't tell you how much this means to me and I am sure my sisters will be just as blown away. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and I will be sure to to recommend your services to one and all."

Pete Helgren -- Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Note from FontGod: This font was based on the handwriting of Pete's mother Jeri who had sadly passed away several years earlier. Her handwriting was a very unique cursive style and samples were extracted from recipes she had written over the years. Pete plans on using the font in a forward to a children's book written by his mother.

19th August 2010:
"Hi Graham, Wow ... it's a really strange experience to see your own handwriting on a computer! it's almost spooky! The font installed and works perfectly ... it's fantastic! I use a Mac and home and a PC at school, so I'm happy that it will work in both places. Thanks again. I'm immensely pleased with the final product :)"

Brianna Johnson -- Calgary, AB, Canada

22nd September 2009:
"It looks fantastic - thank you very much! Once the client has approved the design I will send you the completed piece. I think Monika (the font) will find regular use from now on… Your service has been fantastic and I hope we will be able to work together again. I will spread the good word!"

Patrick Price (Quiver Design) -- Croydon, Surrey, UK

4th April 2009:
"Thank you, Thank you!! This is perfect. We love it. Have a great day!"

Cari Weller -- Louisville, KY, USA

18th March 2009:
"The font is beautiful. A thousand thanks for your hard work. It means so
much to me to have it and to be able to use it with my kids. This is my dad: Fred Eager It's his work from which the font was created. I actually used letters from one of the Write Italic books, rather than one of the two Macmillan published books... I thank you ever so much. Blessings"

Melissa Craig -- Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Note from FontGod: Melissa asked me to create a "training" font based on the work of her father. The font included visual guidelines for correct character formation.

6th March 2009:
"I have just installed the new fonts on my desktop and laptop computers. I AM SO THRILLED! Couldn't wait to try it out, so have already sent a few emails. I have been doing handwritten journals for each of my three children since their birth but I've found that handwriting each journal entry can be very time consuming which causes me to fall months behind in my entries. So I decided typing would be a much faster and easier way to maintain their journals, however I was disappointed that it would not have the personal or sentimental feel that a handwritten journal would have had. But then I found your site! This handwriting font takes away all my worries and now I know my typed journals will still have my personal touch and MY handwriting! I just can't believe how exact it is! It prints out beautifully too! Thank you so much for your patience with me in getting the scanning done, etc. I would and have recommended you to anyone who will listen to my excitement! Thank you again!"

Dana Stonelake -- Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA

Note from FontGod: I love getting mail like this, it really makes my day. It should be noted that in order to use the font in an email the receiver must have also have it preinstalled otherwise they see a default font. A way around this is to embed the font in a Word document or PDF file and send it with the email as an attachment.

22nd October 2008:
"Graham, Installed and tested! Superb! Many, many thanks...and my computer lady was so excited about the possibilities. I am sure you will be hearing from her and/or her clients. I am very grateful to you."

Bill E Coleman -- Phoenix, AZ, USA

11th September 2008:
"Thank you very, very much! This is wonderful."

David Thompson -- Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan (Ex Canada)

Note from FontGod: David commissioned me to create a font based on the handwriting of his grandmother who had passed away. For these types of projects I use old samples of handwriting supplied to me from journal, letters and greeting cards etc.

21st May 2008:
"Graham – Weird stuff! This is absolutely my handwriting (for better or for worse). I am absolutely impressed."

Julie Anderson -- Tacoma, WA, USA

12th February 2008:
"Looks great!! Thanks for the great job."

Shannon Holland -- Naples, FL, USA

26th October 2007:
"Thank you so much! It is perfect... Thanks for doing this, it means alot knowing that when my hands get to where I can't write at all I will be able to still give my daughter handwritten notes. I have Lupus, RA, and a muscle disorder called Dystonia."

C Cecil -- Katy, TX, USA

26th October 2007:
"Graham, Wow -- that's amazing. I don't like to write by hand at all, but thanks to you, now I can do it by typing! I'm sure we'll get a lot of use out of it, particularly in Sales letters and addressing envelopes. It will give the personalized touch we've been looking for. Thanks so much."

Judy Ransom -- Panama City, FL, USA

29th August 2007:
"Nice work! Looks great! I'm a cartoonist and have been using a free cartooning font which, while nice, looked a bit sterile. You can check out my cartoons at -- and now I'll start using my own handwriting! Your great (and personal) customer service is much appreciated."

Steve Hill -- Allen, TX, USA

27th August 2007:
"Hi Graham, Thank you so much for you hard work, I am delighted with your efforts, really superb stuff. I won't hesitate to recommend you. If business goes to plan, and please say a little prayer for me, I should be able to add quite a few celebs pretty quickly, so there will be more work for you without a doubt. All the best, and thanks again."

Paul Harris -- Rustington, UK

Note from FontGod: Paul commissioned me to create a licensed handwriting fonts based on the penmanship of Sir Cliff RIchard. You can now buy "personalised" Cliff Richard posters directly from Paul's site. Visit for more info.

8th August 2007:
"Thank you, Graham! The font turned out great!! I'll be sure to tell my friends about your superb service."

Denise Shattuck -- Hollister, CA, USA

1st August 2007:
"I wanted to let you know that I was able to get the fonts loaded onto my PC and how very pleased I am with the results. (I took a few days off for my 40th and had no problems getting them loaded once I returned.) I printed out a simple nonsense line just to see the font in print and it is my handwriting to a tee! I showed it to some others and they could not even tell that it was printed from a program as opposed to hand written. This is going to make a lot of what I do streamlined and allow a lot more free time to pursue other matters. I cannot express well enough how much I truly appreciate your attention to detail and patience throughout this process. I will and have been recommending you to anyone who will stand still enough to listen!"

Wil Clough -- Columbia, SC, USA

7th June 2007:
"Graham, Thank you -- these look great! I'm anxious to give them a try
in the upcoming mailing."

Stu Heinecke -- Seattle, WA, USA

Note from FontGod: Stu is a cartoonist and creator of personalised cartoons for unique gifts. Visit his site at . See below for a sample of his work using the font I created for him, the left hand panel uses the custom font to personalise the name on the cartoon.

23rd May 2007:
"LOVE IT! It gives an extra "snap!" to my brochure. Now, onto my website..... I'll let everyone know that I used your service."

Teresa Gelerter -- Folsom, CA, USA

23rd May 2007:
"LOVE IT! It gives an extra "snap!" to my brochure. Now, onto my website..... I'll let everyone know that I used your service."

Teresa Gelerter -- Folsom, CA, USA

18th May 2007:
"Thanks for spending the extra time in getting it right and responding so promptly. Excellent service which is much appreciated. Best wishes."

Victor Lunn-Rockliffe -- London, UK

6th May 2007:
"Graham, Many thanks for putting together my font! It's a little weird to see a computer type my own handwriting, but it's also comfortable at the same time...go figure. Hopefully it will work well in the strip. I'll certainly pass your info along to other cartoonists who are looking for customized fonts -- you're a real bargain compared to some of the other font-gods (demi-gods in this case). Thanks again, Lex"

Alexis E. Fajardo -- Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Note from FontGod: Lex is a cartoonist and creator of the "Kid Beowulf" cartoon. Visit the site at

1st March 2007:
"Got it and really like it!... I was quite skeptical of this process and had to be talked into it by one of my staff. I now use the font regularly and couldn't be happier with it. Well done and thank you."

Godwin G. Dixon -- Dallas, TX, USA

24th February 2007:
"You do great work! Thank you very much. I'll keep you in mind for other
work down the road. Best of success!"

Bob Poole -- Perkasie, PA, USA

Note from FontGod: Check out Bob's site at

23rd February 2007:
"Thank you, Graham! We shall enjoy using the new font. I'll think about
introducing it during the upcoming Easter season. I've attached a sample containing a scan of a paragraph from the original, and a re-creation of it using the font. Good work, sir!... Indeed - it looks great! Fabulous... excellent... magnificent... What's the Aussie word for that?"

Phil Darby -- St. Paul's Cathedral, San Diego, CA, USA

Note from FontGod: Hmmm... let me think... the Aussie word for excellent... now that would be "Grouse or Bonza" but you wont catch too many people using those words these days. This project involved the creation of a font based on the handwriting found in some historical church records.

2nd February 2007:
"Thank you so much. I am very pleased and excited with my font and signature. I can't believe it. Many thanks."

Iris Nauman -- Grottoes, VA, USA

1st February 2007:
"Graham, Thank you so much! This is wonderful. It looks just like I’ve written it by hand, myself. I’ve already recommended your service to several people. If you’re ever in the market for an interesting used book, please visit my website at Hoping this letter finds you well, I remain… Sincerely, Elodie"

Elodie Ackerman -- Santa Clarita, CA, USA

26th January 2007:
"This is awesome thanks you very much. I can hardly wait to start using

Debbie Nielsen -- Parker, CO, USA

20th December 2006:
"Graham, Thank you so much for the font! Just in time for those pesky Christmas letters, and now no one will know I didn't handwrite each one individually! Happy Christmas!"

Deborah Johnson -- Springfield, VA, USA

19th December 2006:
"Hey Graham, Sorry it's taken me a few weeks to thank you for the font, but I've been busy playing with it! I just love it! Everyone that I've shown it to thinks it's awesome. I just finished sending out my Christmas cards, each one with a 'personal message' - you saved me a lot of writing! My new font will be used quite a bit to personalize my business. I have recommended a number of my friends to check out your site so they can get their own font. May your business prosper! Have a wonderful Christmas season"

Matt Eckel -- Troy, MI, USA

15th December 2006:
"Thanks Graham! The font looks great - worth every penny."

Ryan Dunlavey -- Brooklyn, NY, USA

Note from FontGod: Ryan is a cartoonist, you can see some of his work at

5th December 2006:
"Graham: I just wanted to THANK YOU for the wonderful job you have done with my handwriting font. I absolutely LOVE IT! It's so exciting to see my handwriting type across the screen. I honestly do not think I will ever hand write another shopping list, holiday or thank you card ever again. It is positively fantastic! Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

Christy Schultz -- New Berlin, WI, USA

2nd December 2006:
Dennis Milholland"Hi Graham, Everything arrived in perfect order and the installation went as smooth as can be. Your product is amazing, thank you... You might also like to know that I work as a translator and novelist and intend to use the handwriting font to help me write personalised greetings (cards, letters and envelopes) for my clients' and customers' birthdays and appropriate religious/cultural holidays. As with many people in the computer age, my handwriting deteriorates to illegible after about three lines. Your font looks enough like my actual handwriting before the deterioration to scribble that I am absolutely flabbergasted. And there is another aspect that no one in my profession would ever want to admit, but being able to use my own handwriting with an automatic spell checker in the three languages (German, English and French) in which I work, is a gigantic bonus. Once again, thank you for your superb work"

Dennis Milholland -- Berlin, Germany

Note from FontGod: If you are in need of the services of a ghostwriter for translation of your documents or novels then I suggest visiting Dennis' website at

1st December 2006:
"I am absolutely impressed what you made of my handwriting. Thank you so much (also for not charging any extra's :-). Of course I will tell all my (scrapbook) friends about your quality of work. In fact I already did but now I am able to show them too. I indeed hope you receive more orders after that."

Monique de Leeuw -- Hilversum, Holland

17th November 2006:
Dennis Milholland"Having a computer font with my handwriting has really simplified our donor thank you and solicitation process. We can now address envelopes and add personal notes to mailings that match my signature and personal postscripts. Thank you, Fontgod!"

Kathleen Olson -- (Exec Dir) Point Defiance Zoological Society, Tacoma, WA, USA

Note from FontGod: Find out more about the zoo society at

24th October 2006:
"Graham, I am SO thrilled and impressed! Thank you SO much for being patient and understanding with me and our situation. I'm sure I am going to get a lot of comments on it, so I'll be happy to pass on your website. Thanks again."

Note from FontGod: When I asked Tammy if I could publish her comment above she replied with this additional information which might interest some readers.

"Oh, absolutely you may publish it! I am just so thrilled with my new font. I am a (hobbyist) Creative Memories Consultant, and heard about this kind of thing through other consultants. I looked around, and your site looked like the best and easiest to order from. CM promotes "telling the story" through scrapbooking, and I have a massive 12 album project (that got put on the back burner this summer!) that this will help immensely with, so I don't have to keep copying the same thing over and over, yet it is still "personal" with my "handwriting"."

Tammy Packard -- Woodstock, GA, USA

Note from FontGod: Tammy's husband is a full time magician in the Atlanta area. If you are looking for a magician for your next event then please consider their service at

15th October 2006:
"I received my fonts and they installed flawlessly. I am thrilled. Thank you for this service."

Pamela Kisala -- Plainfield, IL, USA

27th September 2006:
"Hi Graham, Yipee! I was just about to send you an email asking how much longer! Many thanks, I have just tested it out and it works amazingly! Can't believe how well it works! Yes, will definitely be happy to make referrals. With very best regards, Dominique"

Dominique Harris -- Hong Kong

Note from FontGod: Dominique is involved with the restaurant industry and aims to create customised menus using her handwriting font.

28th August 2006:
"When I printed out my sampling of the computer font against my handwriting with the pen, it was almost identical in every way (including the line spacing)! It seems weird to type at the computer and see my handwriting on the screen and then to print it out! I love it!! It is amazing how you can take the letters, etc. and connect it, and it is my handwriting. You truly are good at what you do. It has been a pleasure working with you. I appreciate all the time and patience you took with me and how you answered all my questions. You have saved me a lot of time not to mention the fact that you have helped the arthritis in my hand. Doing these scrapbooks for my grandchildren is important to me, and you have made it easier. I enjoy scrapbooking and you have made it better -- more fun..."

Joanne Krause -- Jacksonville, FL, USA

Note from FontGod: Initially the line spacing on this particular font was too large and I was happy to adjust it for Joanne after she pointed this out to me. Occasionally (like most people) I do make mistakes... but I take great pride in my work and will do my best to make corrections where possible.

2nd August 2006:
"Graham - This looks GREAT. I can't believe how much this resembles my handwritting....WOW!!!! Thanks again!!!! Btw, I'm in real estate and it's a really good practice for our agents to send handwritten notes, in fact, I'm at a conference where I'm with 500 fellow brokers.... I've already referred 5 people to your site..."

Gene Burwood -- Sarasota, FL, USA

Note from FontGod: WOW! I wish I also had a "Blackberry" so I could send emails on the run. I greatly appreciate word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers, it really is what keeps my little business alive and kicking.

8th July 2006:
"Graham, I received my font just in time to address a multitude of invitations for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. I had fretted about addressing all of those invitations; arthritis makes writing painful, I didn’t want to add the expense of a calligrapher, and although there are many beautiful fonts, they seem impersonal. I addressed all of the invitations in my own ‘hand’, with the speed and comfort of a keyboard, thanks to your genius. I’ve been so pleased, and have referred friends to your website. So, many thanks for applying your expertise in an area that gave me great benefit. I don’t use any other font now... I’m from San Angelo, Texas, and practiced speech pathology for 23 years in our school district (retired in May—yippee!!) I think EVERYONE with writing difficulties needs to know about your product!"

Pam Holubec -- San Angelo, TX, USA

Note from FontGod: I like the satisfaction of creating a font for a client who may have writing difficulties due to illness or other reasons. If I can make their life just that little bit easier then its rewarding in many ways.

2nd July 2006:
"Wow! Wow! Wow! How great this is! ... This is INCREDIBLE! Thanks. It's great to finally pay for something that is actually worth the cost for a change. I also can't believe you are in another country and I am doing business with you like you live across the street from me! What a world! and What a time to be alive! Thanks so much. I am positive you will be hearing from other family members of mine soon. You made my day!"

Elizabeth Powell -- TX, USA

Note from FontGod: For those of you that havent checked our contact details, Fontgod is an Australian based business, however I deal with customers from all corners of the globe each and every day, It's always fantastic to read an email from a customer that contains so much enthusiasm for my service... it makes my day as well. :)

22nd June 2006:
"Graham, Thanks so much - it looks great! I love having my own font!"

Geri Layne Craddock -- Silver Spring, MD, USA

7th June 2006:
"I received my font and had no trouble installing it. Excellent job!!! I will recommend you to other scrapbookers who are tired of writing but want to personalize their scrapbooks. Thank you"

Dian Ballestar -- Pasadena, CA, USA

19th May 2006:
"I have received the font and have already installed it. This is going to be amazing. I will absolutely recommend this to all my friends who scrapbook. Thanks so much for such a neat idea."

Susan Bruce -- Commerce, GA, USA

18th May 2006:
"That is REALLY COOL!!! thanks so much!!!!! I scrapbook professionally for a few companies and if you would like I can send you an example of a scrapbook page completed so you can see the final result! thanks"

Pam Callaghan -- Bowling Green, OH, USA

Note from FontGod:Pam did end up sending me some samples of her scrapbooking work produced in part through the use of her font. It's always nice to hear from customers and actually see the myriad of amazing uses they have found for their font.

3rd May 2006:
"Thank you, Graham. I received your email and download and have written my first piece with the new font. Thank you. I like the look."

Masha Robarts -- North Stonington, CT, USA

2nd May 2006:
"Hi Graham: You are more than welcome to use my letter on your testimonal page. Thank you also for sending the info on embedding the font! This excited me a lot as I send little stories I make up and silly poems I make up to my grandkids via e-mail (even tho' they only live 5 miles away) and Gino who is old enough to have "collections" keeps all his Baba's notes and stories! Now he will be able to receive them in my own handwriting! I even send him little notes via e-mail that I call "Lunch Box Notes" and his mom puts them in his lunch box, as a surprise. He especially loves it, when he opens it and it says his Papa and I are picking him up from school and bringing him to our house to have supper with us, or we are taking him out to dinner when we pick him up from school, or some other special thing. (He has a 2 year old sister, so he loves it when he gets to have just "one on one" time with us all by himself)! I don't know if any of your other clients get as enthused as I am over my font, but my font is more than that. It is a way of preserving a part of me that will live on to keep memories of Papa and I alive for our grandchildren and to record our life stories in our own writing for future family generations... At any rate, I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job of preserving my handwriting, before it got to bad from my arthrititis! Have a great day."

Mary Slusarchuk -- Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA

24th April 2006:
"Ah! It's Beautiful! It runs on both the Mac and the PC, which is wonderful, and it looks so nice on the printed page. I loooove it. Thank you so much, you've made a fun little dream come true. Good luck with everything.

Rebecca (Surname witheld) -- Venice, CA, USA

29th March 2006:
"Hi Graham, I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my new font. It's my handwriting only better. I can't keep such nice form through a whole letter but it's easy with my personal font. I have used it to add a personal touch to the type written letters I send to my clients. Thanks so much."

June Griffiths -- Bellevue, WA, USA

1st March 2006:
"Well that was fast! Thanks! I have been having fun playing around with the new font today. Macs do such a good job displaying fonts and this one looks great. There are four characters I wish I could fix (that I must have drawn just slightly off so that they don't quite look right when used in words) but overall I am very happy. I plan to order a script font for my mother in a month or two, so I am sure we will be talking again!"

Note from fontgod: We quickly fixed the issues with the font as a result of the customer filling in several characters incorrectly, John's reply was:

"Graham, these are just fantastic. Thanks very much for the changes! I look forward to working with you again on another font in the future."

John (Surname withheld) -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Note from FontGod: Visit John's website and blog at

18th February 2006:
"Graham, Thanks for the hand writing font, it works GREAT. It was good talking to you on Skype & good luck on your business, I've told several people about your service."

Robert L Therkelsen -- Vashon, WA, USA

14th February 2006:
"This is the coolest of cool! My actual handwriting as a font! I want to write letters all day now – forget homework and laundry, dog walks and running…I am going to cozy up in bed and write to all the good folks who have been waiting on me to reply to their correspondence. And I may just have to try out all the crazy & nifty doodads, such as @ ! # $ % ^ * ( ) + = \ [ ] { } | ~ : “ ? YAHOOOOOO!!!!! To the fontgod, I send much cheer…"

Liz Kassera -- Cookeville, TN, USA

Note from FontGod: Kim is a photographer and used our Iconfont service to create a black and white "stamp" icon from her company logo (based on a colour photograph). Visit for more info on Kim's services.

10th February 2006:
"Hi Graham, I couldn't be happier with my font! I do a lot of digital scrapbooking and plan on using it for all of the text in my layouts. Thank you for the fast turnaround - I will certainly be recommending you to my friends."

Shelley Aakjaer -- Auckland, New Zealand

6th February 2006:
"Graham, I could not be happier ... Thank you sooooo much! ... Again, you did an awesome job and it was well worth every penny! In fact, I think it's a steal. We recently moved all of our estimation and quoting over to PDF format files, but that doesn't allow me to enter personal notes (as I did in the past) to address the client in an informal manner. We've found it important to 'talk business' when appropriate and to also keep that personal connection with some clients who are weary of development companies. I will be using my font to add that little bit of personalization that certainly goes a long way in building trust with clients. In short: You've gained a customer for life!"

Christopher Grant -- League City, TX, USA

Note from FontGod: Chris is the president of , If you are located in Texas and are in need of a website I suggest you checkout out Interhive's services.

2nd February 2006:
"Graham, ... You were very professional and extremely helpful. I would recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much for taking the extra time to create this for me. I truly appreciate it."

Kim Lemaire -- Carmel, CA, USA

Note from FontGod: Kim is a photographer and used our Iconfont service to create a black and white "stamp" icon from her company logo (based on a colour photograph). Visit for more info on Kim's services.

1st February 2006:
"Hi Graham, I am amazed at how easy this is to install! I just tried it out on Photoshop and Word. This is awesome! I am so pleased! Thank you! I will be spreading the word."

Page Billauer -- Germantown, MD, USA

6th January 2006:
"Graham, Sorry, with everything happening during the holidays, we haven't had time to email you that we received the font. Needless to say, we were very happy with the results. You provide a wonderful service and we will make sure that we tell all our friends about you. Thanks again. Good luck in the new year!!"

Neilson and Jennifer Villanueva -- Torrance, CA, USA

4th January 2006:
"I finally got my fonts installed (with the help of a friend) and love them.
Thank you so much for being so patient and understanding with my lack of computer skills. Yes, I will gladly recommend you to any and everyone. I can hardly wait to do my journaling in my albums in my own script via. my computer. Again thanks, thanks and thanks."

Betty H. Vollenweider -- Dallas, GA, USA

20th December 2005:
"Thanks for the fonts Graham - they came through well and I'm very happy with them. Hope you continue to have success in your business. I think it's a great idea."

Cath Quinlan -- Hastings Point, NSW, Australia

20th December 2005:
"Graham, thanks so much....I received the font and am so excited! it looks great! Thanks again!"

Renee Chambers -- Murfreesboro, TN, USA

23rd November 2005:
"Graham, Thank you for the font. I LOVE IT!!"

Pamela Clark -- Chicago, IL, USA

22nd November 2005:
"Graham, I received the font and it is wonderful! I have told so many people about this. Genealogy is a very big thing here, in Utah, and everyone that I have told about or shown the font has mentioned what a great way to "keep" a portion of a loved one near. Thank you for your personal touch and concern for the project I was doing. I am sure that my mother will love it!! In the font world, you really are a deity!"

Reed Beatse -- Salt Lake City, UT, USA

6th November 2005:
"Thanks heaps Graham! I thoroughly enjoyed my font, and I am sure I will continue to do so for a long time still. It's a weird feeling seeing your own handwriting appearing on the screen, and it looks great. I've tried it out on both Mac and PC, and it works fine on both! ... Thank you so much, even for "going the extra mile". It is greatly appreciated and the font looks stunning!"

Erik Lennestal -- Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

4th November 2005:
"Hi Graham I'm very impressed. Looks great! I've already used it for a card for friends getting married."

Marion Isham -- Margate, Tasmania, Australia

Note from FontGod: Marion is an illustrator for children's books. Visit her website at , Incidently, I grew up in Tasmania so a big hello to any Taswegians out there. :)

2nd November 2005:
"I am a soldier stationed in Iraq. I have received hundreds of letters from people back home sending us letters, cards, packages and well-wishes. It was my intent to personally write each of these great people who wrote to me while I was over here but quickly found out that there was not enough time to properly hand write to each person as was my intent. So, knowing that handwriting fonts were available, I searched the internet and found Graham at FontGod. There were others, sure, but most were more expensive and the wait was extremely long. So I emailed Graham and within about a week I had my font and signatures! I had a few questions along the way and Graham answered each question with patience and understanding. I really appreciated that ! There are a few other providers out there, but for me, I know now that I made the right choice as I am sure you will find out ! Now, all those who write to me get a prompt, handwritten note (wink, wink) that allows me to thank them properly. Thank you Graham and FontGod ! I highly recommend FontGod, don’t make the mistake of using someone else !

Brian -- US Army, Iraq

28th October 2005:
"I have recently received my cursive font, and really love it! Creating the samples, sending them in, and installation of the final product were a breeze. Feel free to use my picture and comments on your web site. I really like your product and have enthusiastically recommended it to my writing group friends. They all saw the chapter that includes the quotation above (Edit: not shown). Then they demanded to know your web site address ... who knows, you might even get some new customers!

Susan Lilly -- Edgewater Park, NJ, USA

25th October 2005:
"You are a genius. Just perfect. Man, I love it. I will recommend you for sure.

Jay Keller -- Winkel, Switzerland

21st October 2005:
"Graham, Yes, I got the font and have downloaded it! AWESOME!!!! I'm going to look it over. I think I'm leaning toward getting the print font as well now (LOL).

Don Guterwill -- San Diego, CA, USA

23rd September 2005:
"Love my font! I used the font to print up a bunch of postcards for a marketing campaign. I took them to the postoffice and the guy behind the counter actually thought that I handwrote them all ... all 1000 of them! Thanks again for an EXCELLENT service!

Bob Gatchel -- Port Deposit, MD, USA

Note from FontGod: Check out Bob's site at

21st September 2005:
"Graham, I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the font you created for ACE Bakery. We started using it the minute we got it and it has been an outstanding resource ever since. The service that you provide is exceptional and I will highly recommend you in the future. Thanks again."

Samantha Mesrobian -- Toronto, ON, Canada

Note from FontGod: Visit the the AceBakery site at and grab some delicious recipes whilst you are there.

16th September 2005:
"I just received the new handwriting font today, and it is beautiful. I couldn't wait to use it, but I didn't have any documents waiting for just such a thing! But tonight, I found it.

I have been married for 21 years, and recently my wife and I fell on some hard times together. But we have made amazing strides towards rediscovering what brought us together so many years ago. One thing she once asked of me was a love letter. One that she could read over and over when she was feeling down and doubtful. I had not written her a love letter since college, and it was one of those very important tasks I could not seem to start; the mood and timing had to be right. If it wasn't I would just be generating a memo, not expressing love.

Tonight, as I looked at the font, I felt the urge to write. I did it. Five pages to my wife, telling her what she means to me. It's in my handwriting, it's from my heart. It may not be the same as pen and ink, but it allowed me to craft a letter that says what I meant, is more legible than my handwriting, and that she can keep and re-read to her heart's desire.

Thanks, Graham. And when she wakes, my wife will thank you, too."

Anonymous -- USA

Note from FontGod: I received this touching testimonial recently and the author agreed to let me use it on the condition that he remain anonymous, the multitude of uses that people find for their font never cease to amaze me and this has to be one of the most moving stories I've heard.

15th September 2005:
"Hi, Graham! I love my font! Whenever somebody says they know somebody that "looks just like you", the real test is if YOU think the person looks just like you. I applied that same test to my new font... does it look to ME like I wrote the message? The verdict? Absolutely! I was amazed how convincing it was. It captures not only the letter shape, but the word construction. It looks like my handwriting! Very, very cool! My only fear: my kids will figure out how to write notes to the teacher excusing them from absences or something! It would fool ME, so I know the teacher would be fooled! As for the doctor's handwriting... fear not! My handwriting was on its best behavior for the font template! I do have bad handwriting if I get lazy! Thanks again, Graham. Nice work!"

Kent R. Folsom, MD -- Harrisonburg, VA, USA

Note from FontGod: Visit Kent's website at

20th August 2005:
"My word - you really are the font GOD! I am so happy - I have just "written" a letter to an elderly friend who doesn't "do" computers and gets quite agitated if I type her a letter. She is very hard of hearing, so phoning is tricky, and her husband is poorly so it is just fab to be able to write her a long chatty letter with all our news, but all typed left-handed. Two whole sides of A4 with NO pain, and it was as clear at the end of the letter as it was at the beginning. My husband just popped in to see what I was up to, and was VERY impressed. My son asked where his font was! (He has been told that when he can reliably form all the letters by himself, instead of doing beetle-tracks he can have his own font - well, he is nearly 9!) It really does look like my handwriting, only neater, tidier and easier to read than I can manage for any period of time.

One idea I have had already - my husband paints watercolour landscapes, and I am always lumped with writing the Christmas cards. This year we are going to have scanned original Xmas watercolours as cards, all with my writing in, but NO WRITING!!!!! Yes!!!! I am going to set up little slips of paper for my students to type comments about their work, which I can then staple on. It will be so much nicer for them than the last lot of marking I had to do left- handed - the external moderator actually asked who the five-year-old marker was - very awkward! I will also be able to make my maths coursework look so much better - I am doing some extra sums for fun - and the coursework is supposed to be done by hand, but I have had to use the computer for the last few months. I will have to come clean about how I've done it, but it will look so much better.

I can't thank you enough - it has really made a difference to me to be able to write properly again just when I feel like it, rather than having to weigh up when the tablets are working best and what else I will be needing my arm for that day. I have already emailed just about everyone I know about your website - the rest I can now write to!

I just keep looking at the letter I have just produced - I am so pleased with it I don't want to post it! I am very, very happy. With the bestest of good luck for your business."

Sue Parsons -- York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Note from FontGod: Sue suffers nerve damage in her arm as a result of an injury during her youth. She has found it extremely difficult to handwrite in recent years and her new font is making her life just a little easier. I am proud to be of service to people with disabilities that make handwriting difficult or impossible.

6th July 2005:
"I have to say I love the font! It's so fun to see my handwriting on the screen. Thank you for your prompt delivery and we'll definitely let our friends and family know we're pleased with your product. Thank you!"

Phoebe Harris -- Ypsilanti, MI, USA

29th June 2005:
"Hello Graham. Many thanks indeed!! Have just installed my new font and have had a play about with it - it's great and will be used a lot in the journalling parts of my book - it is a book that needs to be personalised - and what better than having your own handwriting - it's quicker than writing by hand and it doesn't tire (like I do when writing and my work is illegible!). I certainly will tell people about you! Many thanks again."

Glennis Hooper -- Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Note from FontGod: Glennis is writing a book entitled "One Crazy Lady!" which details her fight against breast cancer and is using her new font to add a personal touch to certain areas of the text.

24th June 2005:
"Hi Graham... Thank you sooo much for my font! I absolutely love it! I will definately refer you to my friends and looks great & works well for me!"

Jill Buckley -- Devon, PA, USA

20th June 2005:
"Hi Graham, The fonts and signature look great!!!!!!!! I can't wait to start using them.... Thanks again and I will definitely refer everyone....."

Jason Tomei -- Las Vegas, NV, USA

Note from FontGod: Jason is one of many real estate consultants using Fontgod's services as part of their marketing strategy. Jason's website can be found at

26th May 2005:
"The real savings in using your signature font is that I can vary the sender between the 5 brokers on our team and not have to wait for them to find time to sign all the letters and this allows them to do the work they are good at, namely, bringing in new clients and providing real service to those clients we now have."

Roland Lagareta -- Honolulu, HI, USA

Note from FontGod: Roland purchased several custom signature fonts to service the needs of his business as a financial advisor. His team now has electronic signatures which they can use to quickly sign their bulk correspondance. Previous to discovering Fontgod, Roland would spend many hours hand signing literally thousands of letters per month. The time savings gained by using the services of Fontgod are certainly obvious in this case.

20th May 2005:
"Font God made it possible for me to create a distinctive and original branding that moves really well from my film to myself to my foundation. I couldn't have come up with a better way to bring all of them together than my own handwriting where it all started in the first place. Font God was a Godsend!"

Angela Shelton -- Los Angeles, CA, USA

Note from FontGod: Angela is a Film producer whose latest work is a documentary focusing on victims of abuse in America. You can read more about Angela and her new film at

17th May 2005:
"Thanks, Graham, it is just super! I especially like it when I italicize the print. I will enjoy it greatly!....
In my line of business, handwritten notes are key to creating great relationships. Having my own font gives me the best of both worlds, the personalized touch yet the ability to edit and write in a straight line before I print off that thank you note. The company was super to work with as well."

Dr Sara Miller -- Howell, MI, USA

Note from FontGod: Sara is the founder and President of "True North" and specializes in individualized and group coaching on and off-site for professionals in the fields of medicine, management and health science. You can read more about Sara at

29th April 2005:
"Hi Graham, I received the cursive script too so I now have all three. I LOVE these! My cursive looks so much better than when I actually handwrite it, yet it's obviously still my writing. Way cool! I will definitely recommend you to anyone interested in getting a personal font. Thanks so much!"

Jenny (last name withheld) -- Los Angeles, CA, USA

Note from FontGod: Jenny is a Realtor and uses her fonts in her offline marketing. Using a personalised handwritten font in her correspondance enables her to portray a more personal image to her clients.

22nd April 2005:
"Dear Graham, I am overjoyed to have a font that I can now use and wanted to thank you again for your excellent work. I began this journey of trying to get a font made of my lettering four years ago. The first job that was done was woefully inadequate, even with huge errors in the spacing between a few letters. I asked the person who made my font to please make some corrections, but, during the course of over six months, the font maker was only willing to fix some minor items and then refused to do any more for me, saying that I was "too picky". He suggested that I buy my own font making program, which I did, but never could learn how to fully use because I am not a computer person. I contacted two other font makers and gave up because I did not get any response. Finally, desperate to try to get a font made again, I found your web site. My first contact with you was so prompt and you have done everything I asked. You have been extremely efficient, skillful, courteous and affordable. I couldn't ask for more. And, most importantly, I now have my font! I've been so excited to use it that I spent all night creating items that I have been wanting to work on. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with your excellent service. I would highly recommend you to anyone."

Paula H. -- Northridge, CA, USA

20th April 2005:
"Thank you soooo much for the font and signatures ... I LOVE THEM!!!!!! I will definitely refer you to all my friends."

Mai Nguyen -- Fort Worth, TX, USA

2nd April 2005:
"Hi Graham, The font is GREAT, thanks. I am going to have a lot of fun with it."

Jenni King -- Baskerville, Western Australia

25th March 2005:
"Graham, to say I am thrilled to receive my font is an understatement! I am so pleased with your excellent service! I cannot believe how fast you got this done-I received my font back from you in less than a week. Rarely have I done business with someone so professional.. You were helpful, incredibly clear-(the directions were very easy to follow), the font was inexpensive and best of all I will be able to preserve my memories for future generations scrapping in my own handwriting. I will be letting everyone I know about you and the wonderful service you provide!"

Diane Stone -- West Springfield, MA, USA

23rd March 2005:
"Thank you for the updated font -- I will try it out soon. As for the usage of the font, we use it for signage, our logo, advertising, etc. We are an hundred year old family business so our brand is very important to us. The new font is allowing us a lot of flexibility with our marketing and branding. So it's actually very exciting for us -- anytime you want a customer testimonial, etc. would be happy to oblige."

Doug Stewart -- (Walter Stewart's Market) New Canaan, CT, USA

16th March 2005:
"Wonderful! I love it. I will recommend you highly to others."

Jackie Olivera -- Gilbert, AZ, USA

14th March 2005:
"Hi Graham, I have received and installed my fonts, and they work beautifully. Whilst not perfect I am definately 100% satisfied with the end result. I was curious to see how my handwriting would turn out as it varies so much from one sentence to another - and given this, I think you did a great job. You are right to be proud. :) Many thanks."

Ian Jukes -- Portsmouth, NH, USA

24th February 2005:
"Dear Graham, I LOVE my new font. Thank you so much. I WILL refer you to my friends. Thank you again."

Tallu Schuyler -- Smithville, TN, USA

14th February 2005:
"Hi Graham! Thank you so much...I love the font! ... I'm doing my best to spread the word to my other scrapbooking friends! Have a good weekend!"

Erin Gray -- Tempe, AZ, USA

15th December 2004:
"It is so great!!! Thank you! My handwriting is not a thing of beauty, but I type much faster than handwrite, so this is a godsend. :-)"

Saskia Subramanian, Ph.D. -- Los Angeles, CA, USA

10th December 2004:
"I have got them all installed and it's awesome!! I love it!! It is so cool to be able to type in my own script.......Also, I wanted to mention to you that I am starting a custom scrapbooking business. I am going to tell clients about your service. I think it would be fantastic for them. I can put their scrapbooks together for them and then use their own writing on my computer for their journaling. That can make their scrapbooks even more personal for them. I hope that I can send a lot of business your way. I think this is a great service! It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you

Mandy Lingle -- Van Nuys, CA, USA

15th July 2004:
"I received my font and I think that it's FABULOUS! It looks exactly like my handwriting -- except it's up on my computer screen!"

Renee Lacourciere -- Ivoryton, CT, USA

13th July 2004:
"Graham, thanks for doing such a great job. I've compared the font to original writing and we can't tell them apart. Amazing! Thanks for your attention to detail, the speed with which you created the font, and fantastic customer service! We couldn't be more pleased and will spread the word about your service. This is an invaluable tool to every busy professional who desires to give a personal touch without having to handwrite communication. Thanks!"

Donna Griffin -- Amarillo, TX, USA

10th July 2004:
"Wow! this is great! Installing was a breeze, it all worked fine. Love it! I will tell my family & friends about your service. I am so pleased. Thanks again for your personal touch, great communication, and super professional job."

Anne Reese -- Kimbolton, OH, USA

7th July 2004:
"Hi Graham, Thank´s a million! I have just tried my new font out and it looks very good indeed! I am so happy that the result was this good looking!"

Joanna Rubin Dranger -- Stockholm, Sweden

Note from FontGod: Joanna is an illustrator and author of several popular children's books including her latest work "Miss Remarkable & Her Carreer" (Tranlated to English by Penguin). You can read more about Joanna at

18th June 2004:
"What can I say? Tremendous job! I am very pleased with the result and I can't stop playing with Word just to see the font. My personal handwriting is ugly and lumpy... and that is just what I get using it in the computer . I love it! I will certainly endorse your work with some people... Thanks again. You're gifted!"

Nuno Sousa -- Porto, Portugal

15th June 2004:
"Recently I had a very large number of thank you cards to send out and wanted very much to give them a personal touch. Thanks to the creation of my own personal font, it was a perfect way to accomplish just that. The card was warmly received and many people complimented me on the very special way it came across. In this age of high technology with faxed messages and email via the Internet, sending things out in bulk can seem impersonal but when "snail mail" was necessary, having my own personal font was the ideal tool that provided a perfect personal touch."

Kuulei Park -- Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

12th June 2004:
"Hi Graham, Thanks so much for adjusting the spacing and modifying some heights. It looks great! I am very pleased. Yes, I will definitely be passing your web site address around to my fellow scrappers! I think every scrapper could use this. It is a fantastic product and your service was outstanding. Thanks again.

Danielle Villa (Top Line Creations) -- Oxnard, CA, USA

2nd April 2004:
"Hi Graham. Wow! It's great!! I am so pleased. I was a little nervous, but it really turned out well. Thanks so much."

Dena Groves -- Wasilla, Alaska, USA

21st March 2004:
"I have installed the font and signature. It looks great - Thank you. You have created such a wonderful product, I am sure that I will not only find a million ways to use my font personally, but professionally as well. The quality of your work is impressive, and I appreciate the fact that you communicated with me throughout the whole process. I wish you the best of luck in your business. You can be sure that when people ask me about my personal signature and font I will tell them FONTGOD."

Pauleen Kennedy -- Redwood City, CA, USA

5th December 2003:
"Wow! I purchased my font for a book I was making and binding for an anniversary gift. My boyfriend was floored at the font and just couldn't believe it looked so much like my handwriting. Definitely the coolest purchase I've made in a while. Thanks!"

Kerry White -- Alfred, NY, USA

25th November 2003:
"Hi Graham, Thank you so much ... it's just wonderful. I typed out a few sentences and gave them to my hub when he got home, at first he was confused as to why I'd write these odd sentences and then he clicked - he honestly thought that I had written them myself :0) The proof is in the pudding!!! Thank you for your fantastic service, friendliness and patience..... You have every reason to be proud of your work, it's amazing."

Wendy Loubser -- Hallbergmoos, Germany

24th November 2003:
"The font looks great. Thank you for all your help."

Ann Martin -- Richmond, VA, USA

18th November 2003:
"Got it! Love it! It works perfectly, and it didn't even get lost crossing the ocean. You'll be getting lots of referrals of other doctors in Pennsylvania with lousy handwriting, I promise. Thanks."

Paul Scoles -- Ardmore, PA, USA

23rd October 2003:
"Mr. Jupp, I recieved my AnnaLee font! I love it! Thank you VERY much. Have a great day!"

Lisa McSpadden -- Ft. Smith, AR, USA

7th October 2003:
thank you so much for the handwriting font. It's such a strange yet wonderful feeling to type in my own script. My husband originally wanted the font so he could have a handwritten style that could be easily changed and edited. Now that we have it installed, I'm thinking of all kinds of other uses! It will certainly give us both many hours of enjoyment. Thanks again for your fast (and fabulous) service!"

Angela Forfia -- Chicago, IL, USA

3rd October 2003:
"Woo-hoo! It worked! Thank you so much! I was afraid it was going to get complicated and troublesome! However, it was very straightforward. Time to get to work on my scrapbook journaling now (with my new font, of course!) Thanks for great service! (I get nervous with internet-based purchases !) I'll pass the word on!"

Elizabeth Johnson -- Three Mile Bay, NY, USA

5th September 2003:
"Wow, I'm very impressed - looks great! Thank you very much for such wonderful and fast service.
After I installed the font, I called my children and asked them to watch as I typed in Microsoft Word - they said in amazement "how did you do that??" as they could see my handwriting appear on the page. Pretty cool!"

L. Field -- Sydney, NSW, Australia

1st September 2003:
"Just had to write you and tell you how much I am enjoying my new font. (ok, so it's not "new") I have been writing this way since college, some 20 years ago, just not on a computer screen. What a trip to see it appear as I type it. I love it! Thank you so much.

Ps: This is the first time that I have ever liked italic lettering."

Steven C. Shell -- Tucson, AZ, USA

25th August 2003:
"Graham, Thanks for the font. It looks great. I was incorporating my handwriting in designs before, but I had to write something down on paper, then scan or photograph it, and resize and color correct it in Photoshop. I can type faster than I can write so, this saves me a lot of time. It will also add a personal touch to my typed letters.
You've been pleasant to work with. I'm recommending you to my friends."

Scot Nery -- Pacific Beach, CA, USA

22nd August 2003:
Graham - I received the font, installed it and love it! It's kind of neat watching my handwriting appear as I type. I will most certainly pass your name around!"

Stephanie Scott -- Hoboken, NJ, USA

19th August 2003:
"Hello, Graham! The font works like a charm, many thanks. Thanks for being such fun to work with -- I'll be sure and pass your name on to anyone I know looking for handwriting font."

Susan Radtke -- Dallas, TX, USA

13th August 2003:
"I just received my own personal font from FontGod for my 30th birthday gift. I create personalized stationery, baby announcements and invitations and am EXTREME lover of fonts. This was the most unique gift that I have ever received. Not only is it PERSONAL, but it's practical too! I played with my new font for almost an hour just looking at my own handwriting on the screen! Thanks for playing a part in this unique and very memorable birthday present!"

Note from FontGod: We suggested to the giver of the gift that they should tell Bari that the reason they required their handwriting sample was so that they could do a handwriting personality test for her... nothing wrong with a little white lie here and there to create a fantastic surprise. Here is what Bari had to say after I asked her if she guessed that she was going to receive a font as a gift.

"Hi Graham, my husband played a part of the secret as well. Felicia got him to give me the papers and said it was for some kind of handwriting analysis that would tell about my personality. I wasn't suspicious because he played it off as a game as if he'd done it too. Then, he got the papers back to Felicia for the next part of the surprise!"

Bari Parkhill -- Houston, TX, USA

30th July 2003:
"Thanks Graham. I received the font and installed it with no problems. It looks great."

Don May -- Vienna, VA, USA

2nd July 2003:
"Thank you sooo much. You were sooo timely on your delivery and even more. I am getting ready to do a mail campaign and also put some things together with the font. It is really cool! I don't know how you do it, but whatever you do-it is GREAT. Thanks."

Steve T -- Petersburg, FL, USA

27th June 2003:
"Oh! This is going to be so much fun! Thank you! I think I love it!"

Julia Bias -- Midland, TX, USA

19th June 2003:
"Lavena has received and installed her font and is very happy with it and your work. We appreciate your patience with us."

Ralph & Lavena George -- Atwater, CA, USA

17th June 2003:
"Just wanted to send a quick note and thank you for producing my font in such a timely manner. My Mom absolutely loves it! Nice job...I'll pass the word."

Anne Moser -- Chicago, IL, USA

29th May 2003:
"I am thrilled with my custom font! It is better than I imagined it could be and am so pleased. Thank you for your quick service and top quality work."

Linda Woods -- Valencia, CA, USA

27th May 2003:
"I received the handwriting font - thank you so much! It's so nice to be able to type in my own handwriting. I also love that you were able to create a smiley face symbol for me - something I love to use! I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family - and anyone looking to add that personal touch to their electronic communications. It was a pleasure to work with you."

Brenna Catalano -- Campbell, CA, USA

"The font looks great!!! Thank you, I will definitely tell everybody I can about your services. You are a pleasure to deal with."

Tom Vesel -- Duluth, MN, USA

"The kerning is really even and the font is beautiful. I will gladly and definitely put a word out to all of the designers I know about your work."

Alex Wright -- Brooklyn, NY, USA

"WOW!! Graham! Thank you soooo much! I haven't even looked at my font yet, but, I wanted to say thank you!! You have AWESOME customer service, and I will be sure to tell EVERYONE I know about you! Thank you!!"

and then she wrote the following after checking her font.

"I have installed my new font, and I LOVE it!! It is going to make my scrapbooking, letter writing, you name it, so much easier!! Now I can type it, and still have a personal touch of my own handwriting(although, I will admit, I have seen much better handwriting out there! LOL!). THANK YOU again!!! I can't wait to tell everyone how cool this is!!"

Melissa DeLlanos -- West Burlington, Iowa, USA

"I got my handwriting font and loaded it. It works in all of the applications I've tried (& all I need it to). It also looks fantastic! You should be proud of what you do, it's the coolest little toy for me to play with. Thanks"

Lisa Thompson -- Tualatin, OR, USA

"I love my new font. My friend helped me install it. I can't wait to get started. I have sent a few friends letters because I can't believe how much it looks like my handwriting."

Laura Evans -- Richmond, VA, USA

"It really is amazing, it looks just like my handwriting would if I was being particularly careful. Many Thanks"

Charles Quain -- Dublin, Ireland

"Wow, it's amazing to see your own handwriting in a font like that. You've done a great job and you were amazingly fast. Thank you so much, Graham! I love it and can't wait to use it. People always say my handwriting is very distinctive. I'm sure once they see my new font, they'll ask where I got it done. I'll be sure to recommend FontGod. Plus, you're cheaper than any other service I could find on the web."

Lee Newton -- West Hartford, CT, USA

"I was amazed at how fast the fonts were delivered and the quality. To be able to use my own "hand writing" with spell check is a wonderful feature. You provide a great deal to your customers."

John J. Prescott -- Berlin, MD, USA

"My boss gave me a research project to find a way to have a font designed in his writing style. I hadn't ever heard of such a thing, so I was starting at a low point. The first thing I did…hit the search engines, of course. I found some sites, but nothing really looked legit or had what I wanted. Then I found FontGod. I thought, "What a strange name", but it looks like I have what I want. I found FontGod's prices to be very reasonable.

I requested the templates to get started. I had no clue how to find a pen point size and had to do a little research there. Graham was very helpful and understanding when I found out I had an inferior scanner. The font looks great and my boss is very pleased. I would recommend FontGod to anyone looking for a custom font or a signature font. The service was quick and efficient, the price is right, and I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks again Graham for all your help!!"

Donna King -- Atascadero, CA, USA

"As a primary school teacher, it's great to have my own handwriting as a font. I'm now able to save time by typing in my own handwriting style rather than using prebuilt fonts that were quite impersonal. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the font that Graham at FontGod created for me. I had my font in my email box within 3 days and the price was great."

Fiona Griffioen - Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Note from FontGod: Whilst the testimonial below is far from perfect, both FontGod and Brian learnt from this experience and the advice that Brian gives is certainly very relevant. FontGod offered to adjust the spacing for Brian at no charge. It's important to note that this was one of the first fonts that we made way back in 2001, and hence there were some hiccups, we've ironed out any problems we encountered in the early days.

"I didn't go through the trouble of making sure my pen was the right size but grabbed the only felt tipped pen of a reasonable size I had on hand. As a result my font was heavy, a sort of bold face. When writing it really looks like my printing but in some letter combinations it is too close together. I only penned a partial stroke on one letter that had to be revised and that looked poorly next to my other letters. The best advice I can give is to make sure you use the right sized pen. Then print out a bunch of the templates and sit down and fill a bunch of them in. Make sure the template you send in is exactly what you want and if any letters need revision be sure to do that yourself. If I had done that I'm certain I would have been more than satisfied with the result but I hurried through it and now I don't have a font that is as high a quality as it could very easily have been."

Brian Lenane - Delhi, IA, USA

Note from FontGod: Whilst the testimonial above is far from perfect, both FontGod and Brian learnt from this experience and the advice that Brian gives is certainly very relevant. FontGod offered to adjust the spacing for Brian at no charge. It's important to note that this was one of the first fonts that we made way back in 2001, and hence there were some hiccups, we've ironed out any problems we encountered in the early days.

"I had been looking at font conversion services on and off over the last couple years but the cost was always prohibitively expensive.'s services are not only very well-priced, but accompanied by excellent customer service. I am very pleased with the final product and highly recommend their services."

C. Dove -- Kyiv, Ukraine (Homestate Texas, USA)




Choose from our range of font services to suit your requirements. After ordering you will receive a Prepaid Voucher valid for 30 days from order date.

Within 36 hours of placing your order we will email your handwriting template and full instructions for you to print and complete. After completion, either scan the template yourself and email it back to us or have a copy shop or friend scan it for you. For Icon Font orders you simply need to email us several photos of you or your loved one's faces.

Your completed handwriting font will be emailed usually within 7 business days after we receive your handwriting or photo scans.


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